Global Media Review has created La Neta, a different and dynamic publishing product transforms into the fastest growing Spanish- speaking digital community by providing a platform and content channels, as well as influencer ratings for younger audiences and millennials.


Global Media Review’s mission is to create the largest Spanish-speaking community for influencers and content publishers.


Channels of specialized media for each audience, custumizing content and advertising using artificial intelligence.


It classifies the most important influencers in the Spanish-speaking world and coordinates the most important digital influence networks in Latin America.


The Global Media Review platform on its La Neta site provides an interactive and autonomous service, eliminates the role of the intermediary and allows thousands of people to contribute.
Our unique technology can select the appropriate content for your audience and prove its veracity. The platform at La Neta facilitates editing, participation and customizes content.
Our exclusive and patented infotechnology based on artificial intelligence is based on an algorithm also patented active and functional in Spanish.

Our Portfolio

Global Media Review engages young audiences in mobile optimized Spanish content. English is used heavily and interchangeably throughout our properties

Our digital content is accessed by multiple sites and content channels. Some our properties are:

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Global Media Review collaborates with

some of the most popular influencers

in the Spanish speaking world and supports them in unlocking their potential by partnering with companies and engaging in organic advertising campaigns.
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